NOW OPEN - The Great LEGO® Race VR Experience

NOW OPEN - The Great LEGO® Race VR Experience


The UK's only LEGO® VR Experience!

A VR experience where we invite you to literally buckle up and go for a spin inside the most incredible, exhilarating and fun LEGO® race ever created! Immerse yourselves in a brick-built world racing brick-built vehicles in the hopes of becoming the next Champion! So step right up and prepare for RACE DAY!!

Racers will enter the virtual world and be the star of a rollicking race against several LEGO® MINIFIGURE competitors including a pirate, wizard, surfer and pharaoh.

With twists and turns throughout the course, the experience engages all senses by combining sight, sound and motion to allow guests to escape reality.


Upgrade your entry ticket now for only £5 per person to experience The Great LEGO Race!